Unternehmenswald: Interview mit Filomar Herrara Rivera

von Justine Weiß

Gemeinsam haben wir unser Ziel erreicht: 3.000 Bäume mehr in Nicaragua.

Unser Projektpartner PRIMAKLIMA hat im Rahmen der regelmäßigen Besuche vor Ort ein Interview mit Filomar Herrara Rivera geführt, der die Bäume für uns gepflanzt hat.

Aber lesen Sie selbst…

Could tell us some things or curiosities about your person: Age, family situation (number of children), place of birth.

My name is Filomar Herrera. I am 43 years old and was born in Nicaragua in the community of Sonis. We are a family of 6; my partner and our four children, 2 girls and 2 boys. All of our children are currently studying which I am extremely thankful for.

Can you describe a typical day of work on the farm? How long have you been working as a farmer?

I usually get up at 4 in the morning. I go check on my animals and milk the cows so we have milk for our house. At the moment I am checking the farm’s fences so I go round making sure they are still sturdy. Afterwards I go round our pastures and open the gates so our animals have access to water.

I first started farming when I was 8, helping my father to work in the fields. I have now developed my own small farm with crops and some livestock.

What is the most difficult thing for you in your work?

The most difficult thing is the lack of resources. It can be hard to make the investment needed for the farm to succeed. For example there is lots of work to be done at the beginning of the season such as planting crops. But we need to pay people for this work a long time before we harvest. Paying in advance like this is very challenging when you have few resources.   

Since when did you cooperate with PRIMAKLIMA and how did this cooperation come about?

I have worked with PRIMAKLIMA since 2016. I heard about them through my cousin who was already working with the PRIMAKLIMA program. He told me about the project and it sounded like a good idea. The PRIMAKLIMA technicians visited my farm, saw the plot and measured how much land could be planted. I have been working with them ever since.   

How does climate change affect you as a producer?

The biggest affect of climate change for me is the extreme weather. Sometimes it is dry for longer creating more droughts and then a lot more rain can fall in a short time which can be bad for the grains I sow and the grass on my farm.

What advantages does the project or cooperation with PRIMAKLIMA bring to you?

Reforesting my land is creating a much better environment for my farm. For example, the trees are protecting my soil. They help the soil retain moisture, conserving water for our land.

You want your children one day to receive the forest that will be planted now. What do you expect from the future for your children? What is it that you desire?

My children will inherit the forest. Without forests there is no life. I hope they continue to grow trees and don’t inherit a deforested world. Many people take from the land, but few give back. I’ve been teaching them as children the importance of growing trees.

Herzlichen Dank an PRIMAKLIMA und Filomar Herrara Rivera für die Bereitschaft, dieses Interview miteinander zu führen und uns einen spannenden Einblick in ihre tägliche Arbeit zu geben.

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